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Glass Balustrading – The Perfect Addition To Your Balcony

Modern structures tend to have larger open spaces as well as open floor plans. The objective is to ensure that these areas get a larger amount of natural light and air. This is also why homeowners choose to get balcony installations leading out of bedroom spaces in their home structure.

One important aspect of any balcony is its balustrade and railing; this safety aspect has to be given due consideration and it has to be engineered well and built with high-grade weather-resistant materials. While you can opt for masonry features or ones made of wood or aluminum, none of them would be able to provide the elegance and sophistication that a glass balustrade provides.

Why Opt For Glass Balcony Balustrades?

There are a number of reasons why glass balustrading is the perfect addition to your balcony, such as:

The Design Aspect

Regardless of the architectural style of your home and the design theme of various features in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home, a glass balustrade will always blend in. This is a trait that no other material can boast of. Glass is transparent and it’s why a balustrade made of this material can complement the look of any setting. It will add to the beauty of a classic style home as well as a more modern or contemporary structure.

Light & Openness

As mentioned earlier, most people now want their home spaces to look open and be airy and full of natural light. It’s why modern structures have such large glass windows and doors. However, if you build a balustrade made of concrete, natural stone, metal or wood on your balconies that will significantly reduce the amount of light that filters into your bedrooms. In turn this will have a negative impact on the ambience of your home. Getting glass balconies installed is one way of ensuring that as much natural light as possible filters in.

Unhindered Views

When you are sitting in your balcony or even in your bedroom, you want to be able to get an unhindered view of the landscaping or the surrounding views. This won’t be possible if you get balustrades made of traditional materials installed. Only a glass installation will provide you this open and clear view of your surroundings. If you want some privacy without compromising on the open look, you can get frosted glass panels installed. While they too will block the view, they won’t block the light and will still lend an open look to the space.


Glass may seem like a fragile material and normal glass is. However we use toughened and laminated glass panels in our frameless balustrades; this means you don’t have to worry about whether your safety will be compromised in any way. In our opinion, if you have kids or pets in your home, glass is safer than wood and metal. This is because it has very smooth surfaces, which makes it almost impossible for your children or pets to climb over the railing.

Balcony Balustrade Installation

When we handle glass balcony balustrade installation for your home, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality and will meet building codes. Based on the nature of the installation, the setting and your specific requirements, we use glass that’s 15mm-18mm thick, which provides you the safety you need. High-grade hardware, fittings and railings are used in the work and this adds to the integrity, resilience and longevity of the installation.

We at Quantum Frameless Glass provide excellent, customised glass balustrade solutions for residential and commercial spaces. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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