why glass balustrades will never go out of style

Why Glass Balustrades Will Never Go out of Style

Interior and exterior design trends ebb and tide – it’s also why many property owners wonder what type of features and materials they should opt for when they are building their homes or getting any extensions or remodeling work done. It’s the same when it comes to balustrades.

Today, glass balustrades are being increasingly used on all types of modern structures, both residential and commercial and the clarity, sleekness and transparency of glass lends itself very well to these buildings. However, it’s not uncommon to see more traditional-design homes sporting glass balustrades in their balconies and they lend a seamless look there too.

Of course before you install any type of balustrade, you would have to take into account factors such as aesthetics, safety, functionality, maintenance and pricing etc. No matter which way you look at it, glass stands out as a material that is excellent in all aspects. So if you are considering getting glass balustrades installed in your home or commercial property, it truly is an excellent choice.

Glass is about Style and More

Coming back to the trend quotient – you probably also want to be sure that these fixtures won’t go out of style in a couple of years. As mentioned at the start, glass is a material that has an eternal appeal to it and its aesthetic value is ageless. So, no matter which material trends come and go, you will find that your glass balustrades stay in style. Take a look at why glass balustrades will never go out of style:

  • Glass has a quality of blending in beautifully with its settings. This means, if you use it on a stone structure, since it’s transparent, there will never be a clash of styling concept. If you have walls of certain colours or ones that are made of a material like brick, glass will complement just about any colour.
  • People tend to get their homes re-designed and redecorated sometimes. They may not always want to change the look of every single feature. And when you choose to get glass balustrade installations in your home, you don’t have to worry about whether the look will clash with the look of the new additions or extensions you are getting done. Glass looks great in any environment and it will only enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Even as people look for style, they want the different features in their home to be strong and durable and glass balustrades are both these things. Even though they look fragile, they are made with toughened glass and are very strong and durable. So, while they will stay looking great for a number of years, they will last very well too
  • Glass lends a very open look to any space it is installed in and when you have glass balustrades on your property, it makes the rest of your home look stylistic too.
  • What is probably also very important in keeping a home looking stylish is that it be maintained well. Glass is very easy to clean and all it takes is an occasional cleaning with regular mild soap and water. You don’t have to worry about your balustrade impacting the styling of your home in any way.

If you are looking for stylish features that will be in vogue for years to come, glass balustrades are what you are looking for. When you choose to get your glass balustrades from Quantum Frameless Glass, you are assured of the highest grade products. For more information about our products, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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