why glass balustrades are cost-effective

How Glass Balustrades Can Fit Perfectly Into Your Budget

There are balustrades of various materials including stone, concrete, aluminium, steel etc. But most of these only obstruct the view and don’t do much for the exterior appearance of your home either. This is when people start thinking about getting glass balustrades installed on their commercial or residential property.

Frameless glass balustrades add a stunning look on your property, make the balconies, decks or patios look very spacious and lend a very sleek and sophisticated look to the space. However, many also hesitate because they feel these installations would be too much of an expense. The fact is that glass balustrades aren’t really that expensive at all. You only need to ensure that you are opting for the right company to handle the job for you.

How you benefit

Glass balustrade installations such as the ones that we at Quantum provide are truly value for money. There are a number of reasons why glass balustrades are cost-effective for you:

#1 Competitive pricing

We source glass and the framing materials from our regular dealerships and this ensures we get all the materials at a very competitive rate; this saving is passed on to our customers. Since we handle the job efficiently, this further reduces the cost of the installation.

You receive end-to-end design and installation solutions and all this expertise at no additional charge. And so, even though there is no compromise on quality in any way, you get top notch products at excellent pricing.

#2 High grade fixtures

The framing and hardware such as handrails etc will also be of the highest grade and this means you never have to worry about deterioration, replacement and repairs. Since we use high quality SS in all our work, you are assured that the job will be done in the best possible way.

The other important fact is that you also end up spending far less time on maintenance of glass balustrades and this is a major benefit to you, as low maintenance translates to money savings too.

#3 Value-add

When you decide to get any kind of renovation work done, you want to be sure it’s going to provide you return on investment. Replacing your older frameless glass balustrades is a distinct value-add to your property. Not many people realise that these installations add to the curb appeal of their home and increases its resale value – which becomes a distinct return on investment. Even if you don’t really plan on selling your property, since high quality glass balustrades are very durable, they are still a return on investment.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to getting glass balustrades installed in your home or commercial property. However, it’s crucial that you get a skilled and reputed contractor for the job.

That is the only way you can be assured that all the materials used will be of the highest quality and that the installation and workmanship will be top-notch too. It also means that the installation will stay in a good condition for years to come, with the least amount of maintenance and care.

Contact the experts

We at Quantum Frameless Glass are the expert frameless glass balustrade manufacturers that provide you the best services and products at the most competitive pricing. For more information about our products, please call us at this number – 1300 282 248 and speak with our experts about your requirement. They will provide you customized options and quotes for your project. You can also contact us using this online form and we will respond shortly.

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