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Why Glass Balustrades are a Great Option for Your Home

Enjoying a cup of tea or just lazing around on your deck on a weekend is as relaxing as it gets.

But elevated decks, balconies, and terraces need proper balustrades to maintain the safety of the space. Frameless glass balustrades can easily be incorporated on your deck, terrace, balcony etc. However, many people still have concerns regarding the safety of installing these features on their properties.

We at Quantum Frameless Glass are one of the leading glass balustrade and glass fencing companies in the region. Expect nothing less than high-quality, cost-effective and reliable services from us. Here we take at why these features are safe for use in residential structures:

Why Glass Balustrades are safe for residential structures

#1 Entertaining Guests on Your Deck

Decks are the ideal place to entertain guests, as the fresh air and openness add to the atmosphere, making it a lot more enjoyable. Installing a glass balustrade is a much better option than wood or any other material, as it lets in light, making your deck look spacious and chic. The glass balustrading acts as a barrier that prevents light items or plastic furniture from being blown away by strong winds.

To ensure the safety of your installation, experts at our company will provide excellent customized solutions once they have inspected the area. The balustrading will be installed with the utmost skill, using top quality materials. This helps ensure it’s strong and able to withstand heavy use and exposure to the elements.

#2 Customized Solutions

As mentioned earlier, we provide customised solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our team will take accurate measurements and also provide glass finish options while designing the feature for you. Installing glass balustrades is better than opting for wood, composite or concrete structures. If you have pets or small children at home, consider installing balustrades made of glass. This prevents children or pets from getting a foothold and clambering over the railing. We can also make sure that there are no gaps between the panels, preventing kids from slipping through.

#3 Low-Maintenance

A glass balustrades is an excellent solution from a maintenance standpoint as well. Paint on the wood tends to flake and metal can rust over time. In comparison, glass wont warp, peel, flake, rust, rot or harbour pests, making it safer than materials like metal and wood. The other aspect is that glass requires minimal maintenance. All it needs is an occasional clean with water and liquid soap to remove stains or watermarks. Consider using a coating for the glass, protecting it from dust and dirt to make your job much easier.

Additional Safety

Many people are concerned about the safety aspect of using glass, due to the perceived fragility of the material. However, we use toughened and laminated glass that does not shatter into pointy shards on heavy impact. In fact, this glass is so strong that it is also ideal for commercial settings where there is a lot of traffic and movement. If you opt for frameless glass balustrades for your home, you need have no concerns regarding the safety of the glass.

Why Hire Us For Your Glass Balustrade Installation?

When you opt for our services, you can rest assured that we will provide excellent, solutions for your specific needs. We use the best materials and manufacturing techniques and make sure that the work is completed to Australian Standards.

For any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quantum Frameless Glass. You can call 1300 298 898 or contact us through this online form.

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