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Why Add a Glass Juliet Balcony To Your Bedroom

If you have a compact–sized bedroom space, it’s natural for you to want to create a more open and spacious look in the room. While you can get larger windows installed, it may not always be possible and feasible to do so. Many people like the concept of having balconies leading out from various rooms of their home, but not every structure has them. If you have purchased and existing home, you don’t really have any control over what feature may or may not be there in the home.

In circumstances such as these, people wonder what they can do to make the indoor spaces of their home more airy and bright. The one feature that can solve all these problems and meet your requirements is a Glass Juliet balcony. This feature is unique in a number of ways. It sits almost flush with the exterior walls of your home and acts like a safety railing for a full length window. It’s different from a balcony in that there is no space where you can stand in (as in the case of a regular balcony).

Juliet Balcony – The Benefits

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for a Glass Juliet Balcony installation in your existing or new build; take a look at what these are:

  • A semi-framed or framed glass balcony brings in a lot of natural light into the indoor spaces of your home. This lends a very cheery atmosphere to your property.
  • Brighter indoor spaces help you maintain higher energy levels and put you in a good mood. Many people that get a Glass Juliet Balcony added are pleasantly surprised to see how much of a difference it makes to the appearance of the indoor spaces.
  • A Glass Juliet Balcony may look like a modern structure in terms of its styling; however, it blends in very well with all different types of architectural elements. This is because the structure itself has a very slim and clean profile. If you opt for a frameless or semi-framed feature, it will blend in perfectly with the exterior of your home and won’t stand out like a sore thumb like some new features do.
  • When you add any new installation in your home, you want it to be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. A Glass Juliet Balcony looks stunning and adds to the value of your property as well.
  • Since the feature is made of glass panels, the surface is very smooth. This makes it an ideal installation for homes that have kids and pets. Since the balcony is custom designed for you, you can get one that is higher than a standard railing. Neither your kids not pets will be able to clamber over it like they would over a railing made of wood or metal.
  • The installation is quick and there aren’t too many building rules to follow. This is largely because the feature sits almost flat against the exterior walls of your home; it doesn’t protrude from the outer walls like a regular balcony does.
  • Having a Juliet Balcony outside your bedroom window is a great way to frame the outside view. And so, if you have a great landscape or an excellent view, you would be able to enjoy that too.
  • The Juliet Balcony is largely made of toughened, laminated glass, which makes it a very strong and resilient installation.
  • It’s easy to maintain and will last for a number of years without any trouble.

We at Quantum Frameless Glass provide excellent, customised Glass Juliet Balcony solutions for residential and commercial spaces. We will provide excellent, customised solutions for residential and commercial spaces. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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