types of glass clamps that work for a glass balustrade

What Types of Glass Clamps Work Best For a Glass Balustrade?

Glass is truly a superb material to work with; and architects, house builders and interior designers use it to great effect in their creations. Its versatility makes it suitable for all types of design themes and it complements the look of traditional as well as contemporary- styled space. It can be as subtle or prominent as you like it to be.

It can be the focal point of the area it is installed in, or will support the design theme in an excellent manner. Regardless of how you use it, glass looks stunning in indoor and outdoor applications. All credible contractors use tempered/toughened glass in their balustrade projects such as for balconies, pool areas, decking fencing, privacy walls, staircases, landings etc.

However, when it comes to the hardware used to fix glass to the framing, care has to be taken to choose materials that are stylish, functional and compatible. Here is some helpful information about the aspects to consider and the types of glass clamps that would work best for glass balustrades.

The Fragility Factor

Toughened glass is far stronger than that used in single pane windows. However, if it isn’t fitted carefully, it can crack under uneven or sudden pressure. This is why it’s important to have fixtures that are compatible to the type of glass you are using. The clamp has to exert constant pressure over the surface of the glass.

If the pressure is concentrated in one spot, it will cause the glass to crack and impact the integrity of the installation. And so when you are choosing glass clamps for balustrades, there are certain things that have to be taken into account:

Glass panel size

The glass panels used in balustrade installations are generally available in some specific sizes and they are up to a meter in length. Toughened glass is essentially layered glass and can be very heavy. This means the clamps used to affix it, have to be strong enough to hold the weight of the glass. They should be made of heavy gauge stainless steel. This will ensure you don’t have to use too many clamps as they will only mar the look of the overall installation.


There are a number of styles of glass clamps you can choose from, such as, rounded/square clamps and you can choose from matt or glossy finishes. This is more of the style aspect and has nothing to do with strength and durability factors.

Rubber protectors

It’s never a good idea to fix metal directly on glass; the metal clamp can etch or scratch the glass; and over time, the glass can shift within the framework of the clamps. Though this movement is minimal, if there are no rubber protectors between the clamps and the glass surface, it will pressurise the latter and it may crack as well.


In addition to ensuring that you have the right number of clamps per panel, you also have to ensure they are positioned correctly. Clamps are placed along the edges of the glass panel; however, depending on the size and thickness of the glass, corner clamps may be required too. In fact, they are useful in smaller glass panel installations when you need to spread the load across the panel.

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