toughened laminated glass balustrades

Where are Toughened Laminated Glass Balustrades Used?

Today, many people choose to get glass balustrade installations for their commercial and residential properties. Glass lends itself beautifully to different types of settings. It’s stylish, looks great in modern as well as classic styled structures and provides unobstructed views, even as it provides the desired safety.

If you have a property that’s close to the ocean or if you have stunning landscaped gardens, getting glass balustrades is a great way to enjoy these views in an unhindered manner. You can add these frameless glass railings to balconies, patios, decks, swimming pool areas, as well as porches, staircases etc. In fact, they can be used anywhere you would use any other type of railing. No matter where you install them, they complement the appearance of the structure and adds to the value of your property.

Why use toughened, laminated glass?

  • We at Quantum Frameless Glass offer high grade toughened, laminated glass panels in all our installations.
  • This glass is special in that a thermal tempering process is used to treat it. This adds a significant amount of resistance to the glass and makes it breakage-resistant, compared to simple annealed glass panels.
  • In the event of a very heavy impact, if the glass does break, it won’t really shatter like normal glass does. Instead, it breaks up into roughly-square pieces instead of breaking into thousands of jagged-edged shards which are far more dangerous and pose a safety threat.
  • As per the Australian Standard AS1288-2006, it is mandatory for all glass balustrades to have handrails installed as well. These handrails have to be interlinked and they should be supported in such a manner that they should be able to withstand a load of 0.75 KN, in case any breakage occurs. The ideal way to achieve this is to have 3 or more glass panels in the installations.
  • However there is one exception to this rule – if your glass balustrade is made of glass (AS1288-2006) which is toughened, safety laminated glass sheets, you can do without the handrail.
  • This glass is essentially made of 2 or more layers of toughened glass; it has 1 or more layers of polymeric material interlayered into it. It is bonded in-between these glass layers. It is this interlayering that holds the glass sheets together, in case of a severe impact.
  • This is why it doesn’t shatter like standard glass, which makes it a much safer installation. This is an excellent option for you, if you prefer having frameless glass balustrades on your property. It provides safety and the installation looks extremely elegant as well.

The cost factor

The one thing to keep in mind is that toughened laminated glass has a much higher upfront cost and it’s even more expensive than the regular toughened glass as well. In addition to the security & safety benefits that this type of installation offers, we can also add features such as sound dampening as well as ultraviolet filtering etc. This adds to the attractiveness of the laminated glass.

These technologies are interlayered in the glass sheets, much in the manner that the lamination is interlayered in it. We provide custom glass balustrades and cater to residential and commercial customers alike. We use the highest grade and Australian Standard materials in our work and this ensures you get aesthetically appealing installations that are extremely long lasting too.

For any more information about laminated glass balustrades and our products, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form and we will call you back shortly.

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