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Installing a Glass Pool Fence? Here are Some Pointers

Glass fences are increasingly becoming the installation of choice over ones made of traditional materials such as metal and timber. Today, most architects and custom home builders are including these features in their projects. Unwieldy iron bars and large, unattractive wooden beams are passé and the focus is on creating elegant outdoor spaces that look stunning with glass fencing on them.

You can choose from a framed, semi-framed and frameless glass pool fence. The latter offer a very open and expansive look to any space and add to the aesthetics of your poolscape. However, installation of glass fencing isn’t an easy job. Here are some pointers that you should keep in view while installing a glass pool fence on your property.

Things to Consider when installing a glass pool fence

#1 Size of your pool

This is a very important aspect and some glass fences are just not suitable for larger pools as they don’t have the required tensile strength. If the area is larger, a larger number of boards and strips will be required. Since these fixtures may not be available in larger sizes, you would have to get the fence custom-designed.

#2 Professional Vs. DIY installation

You would have to take into account the cost involved in hiring professionals for the job compared to doing the job yourself. You need to have a certain amount of knowledge and skill with reference to installing a glass fence. The task can be quite challenging, time-consuming and requires specialised tools.

If you don’t have these tools or can’t find the time to complete the installation satisfactorily within a stipulated timeframe, it’s better to hire the services of glass fencing professionals for the job. Experienced contractors will be able to tackle the job skilfully and ensure that the installation is strong and long-lasting

#3 Purpose of the glass fencing

Are you installing the fence as a protective barrier to keep kids and pets away from the pool, or are you getting this installation purely for aesthetic purposes? The purpose of the installation will largely dictate which materials will be used and what the thickness of the glass panels will be. If you have kids or pets at home you would also have to ensure that the installation doesn’t have any sharp edges or corners.

#4 Commercial or residential installation

While factors like strength and durability will stay constant regardless of whether the fence is to be installed on a residential or commercial property; commercial property owners like these features to be a little more appealing, while residential property owners tend to focus more on the functionality factor.

#5 Opaque or transparent

Some people prefer transparent glass; this lets in more light and lends more openness to the space. However, of you want some privacy; you can opt for frosted (opaque) glass panels. The installation process and all other aspects stay the same.

#6 Local rules and regulations

In some places, there could be government rules and regulations with reference to the height of the glass, distance of the fence from your pool, the layout of electrical lines etc. The company you hire for the job would have to take this into consideration when they are handling your glass pool fencing installation project.

Contact the glass pool fencing experts

When you are getting your glass pool fencing installed, look for a company that would be able to provide custom solutions that fall within your budget. For any more information, just contact us at Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form and we will call you back shortly for more details about your semi-frameless glass balustrade or fencing installation project.

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