stainless steel hardware for your outdoor glass balustrades

Which Stainless Steel Hardware Should You Choose For Outdoor Glass Balustrades?

Today, many buildings and homes have external glass balustrades and they sync very well with modernistic architecture and design concepts. These features have become amazingly popular and many architects and designers use these in their residential and commercial projects plans

These installations become an essential safety feature for balconies, terraces, rooftop gardens decks, patios and more. These areas can all be used for relaxing, socialising and dining etc. in a safer and more comfortable manner. While glass balustrades are very simplistic and stylistic, they also add the interest quotient to the façade of the building and value to the property as well.

Types of glass balustrades

You can choose between frameless, semi-framed and framed glass balustrading, based on your personal preferences and budget. Regardless of the type of structure you opt for, it will have some amount of hardware and fixtures that are used to anchor it firmly to the walls or ground. When you are getting a glass balustrade installed, you need to ensure that you hire expert installers like the ones at our company for the job.

While laminated and toughened glass will be used in the feature, we also understand that they are exposed to the elements. This makes it crucial to choose the hardware with care. Poor quality hardware will only rust and begin to corrode; which can impact the integrity and mar the look of the structure. This is why we take extra care and use high grade stainless steel hardware in all the balustrade projects we handle.

Types of stainless steel hardware finishes

We typically use either mirror polished or satin brushed stainless steel in the features that we install. We work closely with you to understand what your ideas and requirements are; in addition, we assess the environmental conditions in the space the feature is to be installed before making our recommendations. There are specific differences between mirror polished SS and satin-brushed SS finishes.

The point to note here is that the finish you choose doesn’t impact the grade of stainless steel that we use. The exterior grade glass balustrades that we use are specifically manufactured using high quality 316 SS, which makes these fittings suitable for exterior applications.

The mini-post frameless glass balustrading we use offers added corrosion resistance and the hardware used in this installation is best-suited for structures in coastal locations. We manufacture these using marine grade steel and they don’t get affected by the salty sea air and moisture in these locations. The manufacturing processes used to create mirror polished finishes and satin finishes are very different. Not only do they create different aesthetics but also make the material suitable for certain settings and applications. Here is some detailed information about these two stainless steel hardware finishes:

Satin stainless steel finish

In order to achieve this finish, the stainless steel is sanded using a frit belt, in one direction and us then softened and buffed to give it a characteristic glossy look. However, satin finish stainless steel is more susceptible to corrosion in any coastal location due to the salt particles in the surrounding air. It’s best not to opt for this type of hardware in swimming pool areas either; the fine grooves in the finish increase the risk or rusting and corrosion.

Marine grade stainless steel finish

If you want to get a glass balustrade installed in any coastal location, we will use the superior marine grade SS balustrading systems. In the framed balustrade features this hardware and fittings offer superior corrosion-resistance. The mirror polished surfaces go through a finer brushing and lengthier buffing process which creates their highly reflective surface. These surfaces are easier to clean and maintain as the surface doesn’t have tiny groves that dirt and dust can become trapped in.

We at Quantum Frameless Glass can provide excellent, customised solutions for residential and commercial spaces. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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