Quantum Spigot

A unique spigot with unique features

• Superior corrosion resistance with Duplex Grade Stainless Steel 2205
• Duplex grade stainless steel 2205 cover plate included

• A UNIQUE friction fit system with NO GRUB SCREWS!!!

• Ease of installation in stairs with self adjusting angle-packer

• Superior grab of the glass with engineered rubber inserts

• Unique and Elegant Diamond shape

• Glass thickness from up to 15.04mm

• Nata tested balustrade system and compliant with AS1170

• Purchase ex-stock or Bulk orders available

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Why Choose Quantum Spigot

The innovative diamond shape and features of the Quantum spigot, as well as, its unique clamping system are the result of many years of experience in the installation of frameless glass and a design coming from an installer’s perspective. My primary objective was to solve one by one the challenges we meet daily on the job and create a glass clamp that is strong, elegant, versatile and easy to install.

A unique clamping system

Without the use of grub screws, but a real clamping system, this spigot is guaranteed not to bend or open when tightened. Tightening the screws create a real fusion between the glass and the spigot. Resulting in a stronger and aesthetically more appealing high quality finish. “This is without a doubt the best spigot available on the market”.

Elegance and Strength

The Quantum Spigot top clamping section is 112mm of reinforced design 2205 duplex grade stainless steel. With its Diamond shape along with a deeper engagement of the glass, the Quantum spigot provides greater support to the glass for optimum strength. The lower part of the spigot is 120mm under ground. This section offers six cutout holes to allow the grout to flow in easily and completely, improving the spigot’s strength for heavy-duty glass installations.

Focus on Quality

Although a lot of imported stainless steel hardware systems offered today are designed with a lower cost in mind to attract more customers, it is fair to say that Frameless Glass remains a high- end product. In a market where quality is always uncertain, the new Quantum spigot stands out to create a statement and brings to the market the quality expected by the more discerning customers. With Elegance, strength and superior resistance to corrosion, the focus turns to long-term quality attention to details and design as opposed to cost. The hardware you provide to your customer becomes and opportunity to stand out from all other systems available today on the market.

Balustrade in staircases

With its many innovative features the Quantum spigot offers great ease of installation, even in a staircase situation using its “self-Adjusting angle packer”.

A versatile engineering 

Quantum Spigot Tested by AZUMA Design

Designed to receive 12mm glass with the standard UV stabilised rubber gaskets, the diamond spigot will carry up to 15.04 mm glass with the optional “1.0 gasket” for installation of toughened laminated glass such as SkyGlass using the DuPont SGP interlayer or the more common 15mm monolithic toughened glass.  Our system has been fully tested by Azuma Design a NATA accredited compliance testing company to make sure our system comply with the stringent requirements of AS1170.1-2002 for the following classifications: Category ‘A’ Domestic and residential balustrades, Category ‘B’, ‘E’ Offices and Work Areas, Category ‘C3’ Areas Including Stairs, Landings External Balconies Edges of Roofs etc…