postless glass balustrade system

Understanding What a Postless Glass Balustrade System Is

Balustrade concepts have come a long way from what they used to be up until a few decades ago. At that time concrete, wood and stone were predominantly used in balustrade structures and slowly metal and vinyl began to make an appearance in this landscape.

Why glass balustrades are so popular

If you look around, you will notice that many structures both residential and commercial have glass balustrades and there are a number of reasons for this such as:

  • They blend in well with modern architecture
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting and strong
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Don’t block the view
  • Have a thinner profile compared to wood, concrete, and metal
  • Installation is quick
  • Safe because the smooth glass panels don’t provide footholds and handholds for kids or pets to climb over
  • You can choose from framed, semi-framed and frameless features

Postless glass balustrades

Frameless and postless glass balustrades are very popular because they have a very simplistic and clean design that complements the look of all types of structures. The unique feature of this design is that it has postless corners. Here are some facts about these installations:

  • The feature works because one of its sides resists the forces exerted by the other.
  • The handrails are fixed at each end; so one of the handrails extends out from one end and meets an angled corner, from where the other handrail extends towards the wall on the other side and is fixed at the other end.
  • Silicone sealant is used to fix the glass panels together.
  • The top and bottom edges of the glass panels are fitted to the handrail and the bottom framing with a continuous silicone sealant bead.
  • In the case of a semi-framed feature, the bottom edge of the glass panels will be embedded into the base of the balcony, terrace, deck or patio floor.
  • The glass and handrail make a single, sharp, rigid corner
  • In case the handrail on one side is pushed, it’s restrained by the angle and the handrail on the other side and this lends strength and stability to the feature. The angle of the handrails and the manner in which the glass panels are tightly held together by the sealant are what add to the strength of the feature and in many ways, these joints are considered far stronger than posts. The balustrade corner is as strong as any wall fixing; the handrail can span the structure’s maximum length on either side, in which the corner itself acts as a wall connection.
  • It is not possible to have a postless balustrade in a frameless structure as a partial frame is needed to provide support to the glass.

Specialised postless glass balustrade installation

This is a specialised job and only experts like the ones at Quantum Frameless Glass can handle this job. We have the knowledge, expertise, skill, and resources to tackle this job expertly and provide customised solutions based on clients’ needs. Every structure and setting is different and each client has certain ideas about how they want their balustrading to be. This is why we work very closely with you to understand what these ideas are and then provide solutions that suit your needs.

In addition to providing structurally-sound, high quality and long-lasting balustrade installations, we also ensure that the features are cost-effective and fit into your budget. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form. and we will revert quickly.

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