outdoor glass balustrade applications

How Glass Lends Itself Beautifully to Outdoor Balustrade Applications

Glass is a material that’s extensively used by the construction industry. There is something very appealing about the material – it allows for a clean and clear look in spaces it has been installed in and complements the look of all types of settings including ones designed on casual or formal themes.

While glass is used in home and commercial building design in the indoor spaces, people are increasingly veering towards the use of glass outdoor applications as well. In this respect, framed and frameless balustrades are the latest design trend.

These features are being used for indoor staircases and balconies and is used in many outdoor settings too. The material seems fragile, but the fact is that toughened glass, like the one that’s used in glass balustrades is extremely sturdy and will not shatter easily. Take a look at how it lends itself beautifully to outdoor balustrade applications:

Outdoor Glass Balustrade Applications

For balconies

Australian building standards require that all balconies have barriers and handrails; this is particularly true in the case of ones that are more than 1.2 meters above the ground. Glass balustrades are the ideal option for these applications. It looks stunning; and Grade A, toughened glass is used in these balustrades. This combination provides safety without hindering the view of the outdoor spaces in any way.

Around pool areas

Many people wonder whether this is a good option around pools. However glass balustrades provide the same advantages that standard fencing does. In fact, it’s far safer to have glass balustrades in pool areas. Since these have a smooth surface, small children aren’t really able to clamber onto and over them. Glass fencing also lends openness to the place that regular fencing doesn’t. It helps create a seamless look between the pool space and other areas in your yard.

Outdoor staircases

This is one more application that glass balustrades are used in. So, whether it’s a staircase leading up to a high deck, or one that leads up to the upper storey of your house or even one that’s connected to a room above the garage, glass railings are an excellent choice. They provide the necessary support and protection without marring the appearance of the architectural elements of your home.

In other outdoor areas

You can use glass balustrades to separate your deck/patio from the rest of your landscaping. This is the perfect way to demarcate these spaces, without actually building walls, installing wooden railings or putting up any other opaque screens.

The openness and airiness it lends to the outdoor spaces of your home is truly amazing. In fact, many people also prefer to use glass and steel railings for their outdoor kitchens. You can get as creative as you want with these installations and many people also use them to outline the garden spaces in their backyard, or to border their walkways

Glass – a Sturdy and Low-Maintenance Installation

When you use glass in any space, indoor or outdoor, it adds to the spaciousness of the area. So, if you have a more compact yard and want to make it look bigger, replacing standard railing with glass balustrades is the way to do it. Maintenance is easy and the installation is very sturdy and long-lasting.

It also helps you easily keep an eye on your children and pets when they are playing in the yard. No matter which way you look at it, glass balustrades are an excellent option for outdoor applications in your home.

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