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Things You Shouldn’t Do While Selecting a Glass Fencing For Your Home

Fence design has come a long way from the traditional wooden features that were commonly used on commercial and residential properties and there are a number of innovative options on the market today. But many people are now gravitating towards glass fencing solutions and there are some distinct reasons for this.

Glass looks great in any setting; it’s unobtrusive yet striking and enhances the appeal of different types of architectural elements and buildings styles. In addition, it makes spaces look more open and expansive and doesn’t obstruct the view in the manner that materials such as vinyl, wood, and metal do. Toughened and laminated glass is also extremely resilient and strong and is able to weather the elements. This low-maintenance material is available in a range of finishes and you can choose from framed, semi-framed or frameless fencing as well.

Selecting fencing for your poolscape, garden, patio, deck or even multi-levelled terrace areas is a crucial part of your landscape or yard upgrade project. These areas are exposed to climatic changes and you need to be diligent while choosing materials for any installation here. The incorrect materials or poorly-installed features will only impact the appearance and sustainability of your landscaping. Here we talk about some mistakes people make while looking for fencing; some of the things you shouldn’t do include:

#1 Not focusing on aesthetics

While most people focus on aesthetics while getting the indoor spaces of their home designed, they fail to pay as much attention to the outdoor areas of their home or commercial establishment. This is a big mistake because the outdoor areas of your property are the very first thing that any visitor notices; and these areas are also the backdrop to your home’s structure; the landscape and features in it, set the tone for the ambience in the indoor spaces. A glass feature looks stunning and adds to the beauty of your garden and is a great fencing option.

#2 Not considering the safety aspect

The primary function of a fence is to add to the security of your property and make the spaces safer. Many people wonder whether glass fencing is a good option for areas like poolscapes etc. and feel that traditional wood or aluminum fencing will be much better. But when you take the safety aspect into consideration, glass is far safer than these two materials. Since glass has smooth surfaces, kids and pets are unable to scramble over it as there is no scope for footholds or handholds. This makes glass fencing a much better solution compared to wooden or metal features that kids can easily squeeze through or climb over.

#3 Forgetting about the maintenance factor

People lead very busy lives today which leaves them with very little leisure time. This also means they want to spend less time as possible on cleaning their home and maintaining the indoor and outdoor areas of their property. But very few take the maintenance factor into consideration when they are installing fencing and this can be a big mistake. Timber fencing can be difficult to maintain and requires regular polishing or painting and it’s more prone to rot as well.

Metal fences can rust over time and vinyl can warp or fade. But glass is resilient and doesn’t get affected by climatic changes and all it needs is an occasional clean with a water and soap solution. This makes it a low-maintenance feature and perfect for the outdoor spaces on your property.

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