interesting ways to add glass balustrades

3 Interesting Ways To Add Glass Balustrades To Your New Build Home

When you are building a new home, you want it to look distinctive and unique; even more than that, you want it to have character. The latter aspect is about adding special features that will be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. As a homeowner, you want to be able to make maximum use of the available space and take advantage of the view from your home.

You also want your home to be airy and bright and all the rooms to look cheery and spacious. While the floor plan of every floor and the design and architecture play a very important role in the aesthetic of your home, there are certain features that will lend a very unique look to your property. Adding glass balustrades offers a number of advantages and there are various applications these can be used. Here are 3 interesting ways to add glass balustrades to your new home:

#1 Interior Glass Balustrades

Just as you want the exterior design of your home to look distinctive and different from the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood, you also want the interior spaces to look stunning in every way. Installing a glass balustrade on your landings as well as the staircase can add dimension to the most simply designed and compact interior spaces.

It makes the area look brighter as they allow natural light to filter through, add safety to these features and create very stylish interiors. Glass balustrades are very simplistic and elegant at the same time; since glass is transparent, it complements the look of different types of interior design concepts. You can choose from semi-framed, framed or frameless glass balustrades that fit into your budget.

#2 Deck Balustrades

Based on the design of your home and your personal preferences, you can add different types of decks to your home. If the space and architecture of your home lends itself to raised decking, the feature is a great way of creating the perfect open entertainment and relaxation spot. While a raised deck adds to the character of your home, it’s important to add some sort of railings along the periphery; glass balustrades serve the purpose very well. You are also able to enjoy the view while you are seated on the deck and don’t have to worry too much about safety when your kids are playing there. You can also get a complementing glass gate installed at the head of the stairs that lead down into the yard, from the raised decking.

#3 Juliet Balcony

Many urban townhouses have a small footprint and are more tall than wide. They also have very limited outdoor spaces. Home builders look for ways and means of adding brightness to the interior spaces and incorporate large windows in the structure. The other way to add openness to the interior spaces is to install Juliet balconies outside the windows of bedrooms on the upper storeys.

They bring in plenty of fresh air and natural light. In these applications too you can choose from custom-made semi-framed, framed or frameless structures. They add the perfect touch to any type of home architecture and increase the value of your property.

Glass balustrades can be used in both interior and exterior spaces of you home. These installations also give you uninterrupted views of the outdoor spaces on your property as well as the surrounding views. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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