how to measure out glass balustrades

The Correct Method to Measure Out Glass Balustrades

Every property owner likes to ensure that their home or commercial space is designed and installed well and they also want to ensure that they are making the most of the spaces they have. When you choose to get glass balustrades installed on your property, it automatically lends a very distinctive look to the space and adds to the allure of the deck, patio, pool space, balcony or staircase it is installed in.

Glass balustrades have a classic appeal and complement the look of traditionally designed spaces as well as ones that are built on modernistic styles. Glass lends an expansive look, and lets in a lot of natural light, even as it acts as very effective safety barrier. Glass balustrades look uncluttered and it’s why they are such a popular feature in modern-day construction. Installation is easy and so is their maintenance.

Detailing matters

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you might want to at least measure out the available space before you contact the company that is going to handle the balustrade installation for you. However, it can be quite challenging to measure out glass balustrades accurately and decide exactly which fittings & fixtures you will need. Once you get it right, you will have the ideal safety barrier for various features on your property. However, if you get it wrong, that can have a negative impact on the overall ambience of the space.

Steps to follow

If you are planning on getting glass balustrades installed, you can definitely ask a company that provides these, for a quote. But if you want a rough idea about what the cost of the installation would be so as to organise your budget accordingly, you could follow these pointers:

Do not hurry the task

This is probably one of the most important factors of getting the calculations right. It’s crucial that you check the calculations a few times around. It’s not uncommon for people to goof up on the calculations and they find that the budget they chalk out is vastly different from the quote they get from the balustrade installation professionals.

Gather the right equipment

The things you will need are a tape measure, a pen and paper. It’s a good idea to have someone help you with the task. That way, you can take the actual measurements while the other person can make note of them.

Draw a detailed plan

We always recommend that you start with a detailed drawing of the place where the glass balustrade is going to be installed. While it should be accurate, it doesn’t have to be complex or to-scale either. However, it should be correct in terms of exactly where you want to position the balustrade. This will help you quickly identify odd spots in the design (if any). It’s important that you include the dimensions of all the walls that will be supporting the installation etc.

Marking the end, mid and corner-posts

This is another important part of the measuring process. Mark the spots where the corner, mid and end posts will come and ensure they are at an equal distance from each other.

Glass panels

After you have got all this information, you can then easily measure from one post to the next and calculate what the width of the panels will be. You will have to maintain a 90mm deduction to allow for the glass clamp, the tube and the clearance. Ensure that you double this as you have to take both sides into account.

Some more considerations

If you want the balustrade to be of a specific height, make mention of that as well. Once you have a clear drawing, you will have to factor in the costs of the clamps and other hardware too. For any more information about how to measure out glass balustrades, and our products, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form and we will call you back shortly.

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