guidelines to clean the glass on your balustrades

Tips and Guidelines to Clean the Glass on Your Balustrades

Today, many homes sport glass fences and balustrades. If you have any of these features on your property, you would want to ensure they are sparkling clean at all times. The more smudge and streak-free the glass, the more attractive it will look. This has a positive impact on the appearance on the other features of your property too. It’s always a pleasure to be able to look out into the landscaping or at the surrounding view, through clean and clear glass.

When you install glass balustrades, you do so to add openness to the spaces and it helps you get a clear view of the outdoor areas of your property. In addition, glass helps bring in more natural light into the indoors. However, if the glass isn’t clean, it can impact all these factors.

If you are panning on selling your property, you would need to make sure that the glass balustrades look clean, as this will add to the overall ambience of the property and increase its resale value.

Some tips

No matter which way you look at it, it’s a great idea to have crystal clear glass balustrades. Here are some tips and guidelines to clean the glass on your property and keep them looking sparkling and new:

  • Avoid commercial glass cleaners; these tend to leave behind a thin residue on the glass. This will be easily visible if you look at the glass from close quarters or in bright sunlight.
  • It’s best to wash these glass surfaces with pure, diluted liquid soap and warm water. The regular dishwashing soap works perfectly well.
  • All you have to do is clean the glass surface with a sponge and then rinse it with clean water.
  • If you like, you can air dry it too and you will find you get the same result.

You will notice that the glass balustrades are sparkling clean with the least amount of effort and time; in fact, this is also the most cost-effective way of cleaning glass. It’s a good idea to clean the glass in this manner, every 6 months; and this will help keep it shiny and clean.

Other pointers

You should also check the glass surfaces for animal/bird droppings and clean those up without delay, as they can erode the hardware as well as the glass. You will also find specialised glass shield products in the market; these help protect the glass.

However, this coating has to be applied to the glass before you install it. This helps keep the glass surfaces clean for a longer period of time and you will find that it doesn’t take too much effort to keep the glass clean. These are specialised coatings that adhere to the glass and aren’t visible at all. They help keep oil & water off the surface of the glass and products don’t leave behind a residue.

The basic glass cleaning tools you would need

The coatings can easily reduce the cleaning time by at least 90% and a little bit of dish wash soap and water will give you windows that sparkle and shine. The only tools you need for cleaning are a sponge and a squeegee. When you take extra care to keep the glass balustrades clean, you will find that it improves the appearance of the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.

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