glass balustrades for your beach house

Are Glass Railings a Good Choice for Beach Houses?

When you invest in a beach house, you do so because you want to be able to enjoy the view of the sea from different points in your house. But just imagine what happens when you have stone, aluminium or wooden balustrades lining those expansive balconies that open out from your living or bedroom areas.

Won’t they mar the look of your home? And won’t they block the fantastic view that you had wanted to treat yourself to every time you gazed out towards the sea? There really are no two ways about it; if you truly want to enjoy the beauty of your beach house and its surroundings, and you have a traditional balustrading, it’s time to get it replaced with some stunning frameless glass balustrades. If you are still wondering whether glass railings are a good choice for beach houses, read on…

Understanding What a Glass Balustrade is

Glass balustrades are barriers that provide protection to open spaces such as balconies, staircases etc. These are made of large glass sheets that could be either framed / frameless / semi-framed, as you prefer. The material is tempered, structured or safety glass.

Why Glass Balustrades for your Beach House?

#1 Versatility

When you build a house, you want all the spaces to have a very harmonious look and glass helps you achieve that. In most instances, beach houses have large glass windows in all the rooms of the house, so as to allow all the spaces to have excellent views of the ocean.

When you opt for glass balustrades, they complement the look of these large glass windows and create a very cohesive look on your property. Since glass is a very versatile material, it looks stunning on balustrades, staircases etc.

#2 Design Options

Just as every home is different, so are the styling preferences of the owners. While some like very straight, clean designs, others like more elaborate styling. In this respect, glass is suitable for all types of interior and exterior design concepts.

Just as you can choose from framed / frameless / semi-framed glass, you also have the option to choose solid, curved, opaque or textured glass. This means the design possibilities are endless and you are able to achieve the aesthetic appearance you want in your beach house.

#3 Safety

This is one factor you would definitely want to be sure about when you are getting a glass balustrade installed. The tempered safety glass that is used in these installations is impact-resistant.

So you don’t have to be worried that it will shatter and compromise the safety of you and your family. The other important thing is that since the sheets of glass are very smooth, children and pets can’t really clamber up it; and this adds to the safety factor.

#4 Light

Glass balustrades let in plenty of light and this is a definite benefit when you live at a place close to the sea. It’s amazing to be able to see the beauty of a sunrise or sunset as you lounge around in your balcony or bedroom.

The seamless and transparent look of frameless glass balustrades lends itself beautifully to traditional as well as modern-style homes and you don’t have to worry that it will look out of place in the overall design of your home.

Customised glass balustrade solutions

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