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How A Glass Balustrade Balcony Looks Fantastic in Classic and Contemporary-Style Structures

Balconies add character, floor space and value to any residential structure, be it an individual house or apartment building; and there is a premium on residential properties that have these features. Balconies have now become an increasingly popular element in most new city apartments as well as modern-styled houses by lending that modernistic touch.

Whether they are walk-on cantilever balcony structures or Juliet balconies, these are fast becoming a key design aspect of the structure’s external architecture. As an integral component of the façade, these functional and aesthetic features need to be planned and designed well using the right kind of materials. This helps enhance the appeal of the overall structure, and increases the resale price of the property down the line.

Glass balustrade systems

The choice of balcony type is crucial in your home’s appearance. If you choose the right types of balconies and balustrades, they’ll eventually pay for themselves in added-value. On the contrary, if you get it wrong, that will mar the appearance and value of your home.

Let’s take a look at some balcony and glass balustrade systems you can consider including the construction plans for your new build. Glass is an extremely versatile material and you can also add these systems to an existing structure as part of a home improvement project:

Juliet balcony

This isn’t a full balcony structure and is essentially a specialised balustrade protecting a full-height window or French doors on the upper floor of a structure. This feature can be added at any time to your home and it’s an excellent way of opening up the view from the room it’s installed in. A Juliet balcony is a great option in settings where it isn’t feasible to install a step-out or projecting balcony.

Integrated/built-in balcony

These are open spaces that lead out from the rooms in the house or apartment and are set into the building’s façade. They also have a balustrade structure protecting the open face. Since these balconies are set into the building’s structure, adding a frameless glass balustrade is the ideal way to add an element of openness and spaciousness to the balcony.

Projecting balcony

In this feature, you are can step out onto a projected platform protected by a balustrade along its perimeter. A projecting balcony can either be a conventional self-supporting style or cantilevered out from the face of the building.

Custom glass balustrade solutions

Many homeowners find they are strapped for time and so tend to defer their home improvement projects. This is where offsite manufactured glass balustrade features become the perfect solution. The complete balustrade is manufactured in a factory ready to be fitted & installed on site. This reduces the amount of disruption on site and the work is completed within the shortest possible time.

These customised solutions become a great for your home as they are specifically designed for you. This means you get to choose every aspect of the feature such as the design, type and thickness of glass, finishing on the glass panels, type of hardware and railings etc.

Why opt for a glass balustrade?

As well as ensuring the safety of people using the balcony, a balustrade plays a vital aesthetic role. Glass is now widely used for balcony and other balustrades as it offers the perfect balance of safety, visibility and light, whilst being a very low-maintenance option. You can choose from glass varieties such as tinted and self-cleaning.

We at Quantum Frameless Glass can provide excellent, customised solutions for residential and commercial spaces. For any more information about our glass balustrades, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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