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Frameless Glass Balustrading are Safe and Stylish Features

If you are building a new home, you know exactly how much time, effort and expense goes into the project. Building a home that is a significant undertaking and you need to ensure that all the features, as well as building materials, are in line with Australian standards. Most homes today have a large number of balconies, terraces as well as other open spaces like patios and decks etc.

Just as you design the interior spaces of your home with a great care and attention to detail, you also want the outdoor spaces and or the other features to look great as well. Balconies are very functional installations that allow you to enjoy sitting out in the open air without actually getting out of your home. However, you need to ensure that the balcony has the right kind of balustrade. This is where glass balustrades come into the picture.

People often wonder whether glass is an ideal material for balustrading. After all, it looks fragile and can shatter into shards on impact. While it’s true that standard glass can shatter and break into a million pieces on impact, the special glass that we use in our balustrades is completely different. The glass is toughened and laminated and has to pass many stringent quality measures before it is considered safe for use in balustrading systems. Read on to learn more how frameless glass balustrading are safe and stylish features.

More about frameless glass balustrades

There are a number of reasons why frameless glass balustrading is commonly used in both commercial as well as residential buildings. There are several benefits to using frameless glass balustrades such as:

  • Glass provides you the required safety without hindering the view of your surroundings.
  • Frameless glass features look elegant and can complement the look of any type of architecture and design. They fit in perfectly into a traditional Victorian-style home as well as more modernistic structures with clean lines.
  • Glass is also extremely easy to maintain and all it needs is an occasional clean with a diluted soap solution.
  • Glass doesn’t become affected by climatic changes, termites, wood borers, rusting, warping, flaking, peeling etc.
  • Glass balustrades are suitable for homes with kids and pets because the glass panes are very smooth. This prevents children and pets from clambering over them and makes your home safer for them.
  • These systems also provide a great amount of design flexibility. You have the option to choose from fully-framed structures, semi-framed or frameless balustrades. The styling you choose can be based on factors like the design and aesthetic of your home, the surrounding features on your property as well as your budget and personal preferences.
  • If maintained well, your frameless glass balustrading can last for decades without any problems.

Our Work Process

We at Quantum Frameless Glass are one of the leading manufacturers of glass balustrading and glass fencing systems in Sydney. Over the years we have worked very closely with individual homeowners, business owners as well as architects, interior designers, builders, and developers. The vast experience that we have in the space helps assure that you get balustrading systems that are not just aesthetically appealing but also resilient, and durable.

Our team of designers will work very closely with you to understand what your design objectives and ideas are. Based on the discussions they have with you, they will provide designs, plans, and options along with a detailed quote.

Once you have approved these we will start with fabricating your frameless glass balustrading system, at our state of the art workshop. We will ensure that the balustrades are installed as per industry standards so the features will add safety, value, and style to your property.

For any more information about our glass balustrades and fencing services, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form. and we will revert quickly.

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