frameless glass balustrades in commercial settings

Reasons Why Frameless Glass Balustrades are Perfect For Commercial Settings

In the business space, you need to get creative with the way you position your brand in the market. If you have a physical store, office or any other commercial space, the manner in which these areas are designed and planned and the features you have there, speak volumes about how seriously you take your business.

This is where frameless glass balustrades come into the picture. Many commercial business owners have realised that the classic look of glass looks amazing in almost any setting. It’s why they install glass staircases that give a stunning visual illusion in that space.

How glass balustrades are the perfect solution

While this is a very smart and modern architectural choice, it’s also a great idea to complement the styling of a glass staircase with a glass balustrade as well. The landings can also have the same balustrade installations to maintain the cohesiveness and continuity of the design. There are a number of other reasons why frameless glass balustrades are perfect for commercial settings:

  • Glass balustrades require very little maintenance to retain their appeal and attractiveness.
  • The glass panels lend a natural aesthetic and sheen to the staircase.
  • All it needs is a quick clean to keep them looking new for a number of years.
  • You don’t have to worry about things like sanding and painting or polishing like you have to do with wooden features.
  • Glass blends in beautifully with any design and theme. So whether you are installing it in a new structure or in an existing space, you needn’t worry about a mismatch in styling. Glass looks as stunning in traditional style spaces as it does in more modernistic settings and it never clashes with any design theme and concept.
  • Concrete, wood and metal balustrades are very limiting in terms of the styling they blend into.
  • Glass is very versatile and you can use coloured, tinted, etched or even frosted glass panels to create the aesthetic you want. In fact, you also have the option to customise the design and have your business name or logo etched into the glass if you like.
  • We use toughened and laminated glass in all our balustrade installations. These panels come in varying thicknesses and you can choose thicker panels for commercial settings. These structural glass features are built to endure significant amounts of weight and pressure and you don’t need to worry about them breaking or cracking on normal impact. Even in case of a more forceful impact, the lamination will hold the shattered glass in place, considerably reducing the chances of any injuries.
  • With glass, you don’t have to be worried about aspects such as corrosion and pest impacts. The features won’t crack, or warp like concrete or wooden installations.

Customised glass balustrades

Every which way you look at it, glass balustrades are a great addition to your commercial property. However, it’s important that you get them installed from proven professionals like the ones at Quantum. We are one of the leading companies in this field and have been operating in this industry for a number of years.

We use top grade materials in the work and ensure that the project is completed in line with the Australian Standards. We also provide warranties for our work and you can rest assured that your glass balustrade will provide years of trouble-free service.

For any more information about our glass balustrades and fencing services, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form. and we will revert quickly.

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