Deckfix Bracket

Installations of Frameless Glass on timber deck

Installing glass fences and balustrades on timber-framed floors, decks and balconies, can be challenging at the best of times. In fact, in most cases, because of the nature of timber, the glass fence will not be as strong and stable as it should.

Our experience in this field lead us to design a reliable and simple system to make frameless glass fencing and balustrades easier, stronger and more durable than the traditional flange plate.

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A unique installation system

Side fixing the fittings onto the structure of the deck or balcony, will give the glass fence more strength and stability. After testing and improving our systems for 8 years, we have come up with the DeckFix range that will make the most challenging installations on timber deck a lot easier, stronger and more durable.

Stronger and more durable!

Once the DeckFix brackets are bolted through the joists and/or bearers, the spigots are installed with the glass and held in position using bracing. A structural non-shrink grout (type Kwixset) is then poured to permanently grout the spigots inside the DeckFix brackets. The bracings will keep the glass perfectly adjusted until grout is cured. Once set the props are removed to install the handrail when required.


When the glass is installed on a balcony made of FC sheets the DeckFix bracket allows you to waterproof around the spigots once the glass is installed. the tiles can then be laid on a perfectly waterproofed surface for long-term protection of your timber structure.