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glass balustrade design

Basics about Glass Balustrade Design

Most modern construction designs include glass balustrades within their structures. Glass balustrades can be specified in two options – post systems & frameless glass designs. The primary reason for installing these features is to increase the appeal of the décor and to provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe barrier to protect against a change in floor […]

frameless glass balustrade on your balcony

Why Install a Frameless Glass Balustrade On your Balcony

Many commercial and residential structures have balconies. These features are an extension of the rooms they are attached to, and allow you to enjoy the outdoor environment without actually stepping out of your home. However, it becomes necessary to install resilient and strong balustrades along the periphery of the balcony. Glass is a very commonly […]

indoor glass balustrade installations

Inspiration For Indoor Glass Balustrade Installations

Glass balustrades are stylish, resilient, and versatile as well as extremely durable. Today many interior designers as well as individual property owners install frameless glass balustrades in indoor spaces on commercial or residential properties. These features add drama to the space without being intrusive in terms of their appearance. They fit in perfectly well with […]

frosted and etched glass

The Differences Between Frosted and Etched Glass Panels For Balustrades

Frosted and etched glass are general terms for translucent, decorative glass that allows plenty of light to filter and diffuse through, while obscuring visibility. Frosting is the process used to alter the glass surface from transparent to translucent in order to create a cloudy and opaque look. The processes of either sandblasting or acid-etching are […]

architectural glass balustrades

The Beauty of Architectural Glass Balustrades in Commercial Establishments

Functional, aesthetically appealing and versatile, architectural glass is the ideal way to enhance the appeal of your commercial space. While there are a large number of new & novel materials on the market today, glass continues to be one of the most widely used materials not only for interior but also for exterior applications. Architectural […]

frameless glass installations

How Different Areas In Your Home Can Benefit From Frameless Glass Installations

Designing a beautiful home isn’t just about using exclusive materials or exotic features and installations. Sometimes, even the simplest features can create an amazing impact on the overall aesthetics of your home. This is where frameless glass installations come into the picture. Today, glass is used extensively in modern construction, both residential and commercial. The […]

glass balustrades for traditional-styled home

Glass Balustrade Features For Traditional-Styled Buildings and Homes

Traditional-styled structures have a distinctive old-world charm and are reminiscent of a bygone era. If you have a Victorian-styled older home or even one that’s built in a rustic cottage style, making upgrades and adding new features can sometimes prove to be quite challenging. Most of the structures are built with materials such as natural […]

glass balustrades

How Glass Balustrades Enhance the Appeal of Various Settings

Glass balustrades are a great addition to enhance the appeal of various installations in your house. It is one of the most trending architectural features to add in 2018. Primarily used for safety, glass balustrades serve other purposes too. These installations are becoming increasingly popular and are being used in a number of different ways […]