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glass balustrade types

How to Choose a Balustrade Type To Complement The Styling of your Building

When selecting balustrading for your home, apartment building or commercial structure, there are a number of things that you have to take into consideration such as height, length, fixings, finish, colour and material. Balustrade trends are constantly evolving and are directly related to the design and architectural styling you choose. This is why the appropriate […]

rooftop restaurant

5 Reasons Why a Glass Balustrade is a Great Addition to Your Rooftop Restaurant

Today, restaurant owners look for ways and means of adding to the aesthetics of their establishments. Competition is fierce in this industry and staying on top of the game is about making sure that your restaurant offers good quality, delectable fare in fantastic settings. To this end, property owners make every effort to add some […]

glass balustrade balcony

How A Glass Balustrade Balcony Looks Fantastic in Classic and Contemporary-Style Structures

Balconies add character, floor space and value to any residential structure, be it an individual house or apartment building; and there is a premium on residential properties that have these features. Balconies have now become an increasingly popular element in most new city apartments as well as modern-styled houses by lending that modernistic touch. Whether […]

self-cleaning glass in balustrade installations

The Benefits of Using Self-Cleaning Glass in Your Balustrade Installations

Glass is an extremely versatile material that is used to great effect in modern styled structures. Even when older homes and commercial structures are being renovated and redesigned, the architects and designers incorporate a lot of glass features in the plans. While glass lets in a lot of natural light and lends cheeriness and expansiveness […]