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Creative Ways To Incorporate A Juliet Balcony In Your Home

Juliet balconies are interesting. They are called balconies, give a view to the world, but don’t really lead anywhere. Today, this feature is a popular architectural trend and many architects and designers use Juliet balconies for upper storeys in residential structures. These installations are a simple addition of reinforced glass with railings that can open up the indoor spaces in a dramatic way and bring in more natural light into the room.

Creative Juliet balcony ideas

Whether it’s a Victorian villa that could benefit from an elegant touch or a loft bedroom that needs some light and openness, a Juliet balcony can do wonders for these spaces. Here are some creative ways to incorporate a Juliet balcony in your home:

Flat-fronted houses

If you have a flat-fronted house, a Juliet balcony can add dimension to the structure. Since we can custom design and install glass Juliet balconies, the feature will blend in seamlessly with the architectural styling of your home.

Narrow compound properties

Some homes don’t have wide open spaces along the sides of their structure. This also means, local laws restrict the construction of a regular cantilevered balcony. The rooms that open onto this side of property can benefit from custom designed, frameless Juliet balconies.

We can design these to sit flush against the full length windows of your bedroom or other rooms. Not only will this bring in more natural light into the rooms, but will create a very expansive and airy look in the spaces. Consider installing a living wall around the Juliet balcony to add some drama to the feature.

Double effect

Even if you have large windows and an open floor plan in your home, Juliet balconies can be used to emphasise the open styling of the rest of the spaces. Standard balconies don’t always gel with all types of architecture, but a Juliet balcony is more unobtrusive and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, it simply lends a very cohesive look to the structure, while giving the opportunity to maximise views, floor area and space.

Create a seating nook

Even if you have a Juliet style balcony, without any space to actually step out onto, it’s easy to utilise its ‘balcony’ characteristics. Simply place a couple of easy chairs right in front of it. When you define it in this manner, you will find that it becomes the perfect relaxation spot, rather than just one simple window in your home.

Perfect for tall windows

If you have a skinny & tall bedroom window, installing a custom-designed glass balustrade Juliet balcony can be the best way to allow in maximum air and light into the room, because you are able to safely open up a floor height window. In some cases, the feature may have just a flat balustrade, while at others it may have a narrow space to step out onto – this depends on the structure and its setting.

Safety above all

Regardless of what style of Juliet balcony you want, it’s important to get professional advice from experts like the ones at Quantum Frameless Glass. We will make sure that toughened and laminated glass and high quality fittings and hardware are used in the project and that the feature is designed and installed to Australian Standards.

We can provide you excellent, customised Juliet balconies in the styling you need to complement your home. For any more information about our glass balustrades and fencing services, call us at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form. and we will revert quickly.

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