Glass Balustrade Applications

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Glass Balcony Balustrades

How a Glass Balcony Lends a Modernistic Touch to Your Home

Most homeowners are very particular about the manner in which they design their homes. While they do look for high quality features designed in new styling and in-sync with the latest trends, not everyone likes to spend large amounts of money on these upgrades.

Today, property owners look for elements that are functional, practical, low-maintenance and streamlined. And unsurprisingly, there are a large number of new materials and designs in the market that you can choose from. When it comes to home improvement and residential upgrades, glass balconies have become a very popular choice and these lend a very modernistic touch to your home. Take a look at how:

Light and reflectivity

If you have a balcony in the exterior of your home or even on a mezzanine floor in your home, adding a glass balcony to it helps provide the safety you need at that point without hampering the light and reflectivity in that space, in any way. They lend an interesting dimension without impacting the existing features in that area.

Wood and some other materials such as wrought iron etc. don’t really gel well with modern architectural styling; but glass does. Not only does it allow the light to pass through, but it also reflects light which adds spaciousness to the space. It provides a subtle demarcation in space without disrupting the flow in any way and that is exactly what modern design is all about.

A unique look

Modern interior and exterior structural design leans heavily on making structures look unique without adding too many embellishments to the building. When you choose to get glass balustrades installed on your property, it becomes a unique statement piece and lends character to your home.

You can get the detailing and luxurious look you want, by choosing to get glass railings installed on your property. Glass is also a very versatile material. It can be frosted and etched and you can also choose from curved and other unique shaped glass for the balustrading.

Mixes with various styles

We did mention earlier that glass balustrades are perfect for modern-styled homes. But the fact is they look equally stunning on traditional styled homes too and they don’t take away from the original design of the structure. In fact, you will be able to replace an older wooden, cluttered and closed balustrading with a glass balcony that has crisp and clear lines.

At times, homeowners are also getting the rest of the balcony space upgraded and no matter which material you use, glass will complement it perfectly. Glass looks great with finishes such as wood, tiling, natural stone, leather, any outdoor furnishing, brick as well as laminate flooring etc. And so, when you choose to get a glass balustrade installed, you don’t have to worry about any kind of mismatch in the styling of the space.

The perfect complement to lighting

Glass and lighting work fabulously well together. In most instances, when homeowners get glass balustrades installed on their internal or external balconies, they also tend to get some light fittings installed around and under it. This helps draw the attention towards the installation and it helps in reflecting light into a potentially darker spot too.

No matter which way you look at it, glass balustrades are an ideal modernistic installation for your balcony. For any more information about how to measure out balustrades, and our products, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form and we will call you back shortly.

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Why Choosing a Glass Balustrade for Your Balcony is a Great Idea

Glass balustrades are a great addition to any home or commercial space. In fact, they can be added to indoor as well as outdoor spaces and looking stunningly beautiful on buildings of any architectural styling. In fact, today, most modern structures including individual homes and office high-rises or even apartment buildings sport a lot of glass.

This could be in the form of facades, large windows as well as glass balconies. Many structures also have glass balustrades for indoor and outdoor staircases. In fact, the latter are becoming so popular that people are now opting for these installations even when they are getting their home remodelled or redecorated and they tend to replace their existing wooden or metal railings with spanking new, modernistic glass ones.

Benefits of Choosing Glass Balustrades for your Balcony

They lend a very distinctive look to any space and there are a range of benefits to choosing this installation for your property. So, what is it that makes these glass balustrades an excellent choice for your balcony?

#1 An improved view

This is probably one of the most significant reasons why people opt for glass balustrades/railings. When you are relaxing on a comfortable chair on your balcony, you want to be able to catch a glimpse of the surrounding view. When you buy a home, to a certain extent, you also buy it because of the surroundings it is in.

For instance, if you buy a beach house or even property with vast landscaped areas, you want to be able to enjoy this view even when you are relaxing in your balcony and that is exactly what you are able to do when you opt for glass railings.

#2 Safety

The primary purpose of getting railings installed is to provide additional safety to the balcony space. In many ways, a glass balustrade is far safer than conventional wooden or aluminium railings. It doesn’t have any gaps between segments; and even if a particular design does have gaps, they will be too narrow to compromise the safety of your children or pets.

The other fact is that since glass has a very smooth surface, it doesn’t provide any scope for a child to clamber up it. And so, when you opt for glass balustrades, you get a very strong, solid and safe barrier, that also provides you a very clear view of what lies outside.

#3 Less wind

Based on the location of your balcony, a well-constructed, glass balustrade will provide you a certain amount of shelter from the wind – so you are able to enjoy your balcony area without being affected by strong breeze. This is something a conventional balcony railing can’t provide, simply because it isn’t designed in that manner.

#4 Low maintenance

This is a very important factor as people don’t really want to spend an excessive amount of time keeping glass balustrades clean. You only have to use a squeegee and clean it with some mild soapy water and you will have sparkling clean glass balustrades that look stunning and add to the attractiveness of your property.

Make the Right Choice

After getting to know what the benefits of glass balustrades are, you may no longer be in a quandary or uncertain about whether you should opt to get these installed on your property. Once you have made up your mind that this is an excellent option for your balcony, you also want to ensure that you hire the right contractor for the job.

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glass balustrades for your beach house

Are Glass Railings a Good Choice for Beach Houses?

When you invest in a beach house, you do so because you want to be able to enjoy the view of the sea from different points in your house. But just imagine what happens when you have stone, aluminium or wooden balustrades lining those expansive balconies that open out from your living or bedroom areas.

Won’t they mar the look of your home? And won’t they block the fantastic view that you had wanted to treat yourself to every time you gazed out towards the sea? There really are no two ways about it; if you truly want to enjoy the beauty of your beach house and its surroundings, and you have a traditional balustrading, it’s time to get it replaced with some stunning frameless glass balustrades. If you are still wondering whether glass railings are a good choice for beach houses, read on…

Understanding What a Glass Balustrade is

Glass balustrades are barriers that provide protection to open spaces such as balconies, staircases etc. These are made of large glass sheets that could be either framed / frameless / semi-framed, as you prefer. The material is tempered, structured or safety glass.

Why Glass Balustrades for your Beach House?

#1 Versatility

When you build a house, you want all the spaces to have a very harmonious look and glass helps you achieve that. In most instances, beach houses have large glass windows in all the rooms of the house, so as to allow all the spaces to have excellent views of the ocean.

When you opt for glass balustrades, they complement the look of these large glass windows and create a very cohesive look on your property. Since glass is a very versatile material, it looks stunning on balustrades, staircases etc.

#2 Design Options

Just as every home is different, so are the styling preferences of the owners. While some like very straight, clean designs, others like more elaborate styling. In this respect, glass is suitable for all types of interior and exterior design concepts.

Just as you can choose from framed / frameless / semi-framed glass, you also have the option to choose solid, curved, opaque or textured glass. This means the design possibilities are endless and you are able to achieve the aesthetic appearance you want in your beach house.

#3 Safety

This is one factor you would definitely want to be sure about when you are getting a glass balustrade installed. The tempered safety glass that is used in these installations is impact-resistant.

So you don’t have to be worried that it will shatter and compromise the safety of you and your family. The other important thing is that since the sheets of glass are very smooth, children and pets can’t really clamber up it; and this adds to the safety factor.

#4 Light

Glass balustrades let in plenty of light and this is a definite benefit when you live at a place close to the sea. It’s amazing to be able to see the beauty of a sunrise or sunset as you lounge around in your balcony or bedroom.

The seamless and transparent look of frameless glass balustrades lends itself beautifully to traditional as well as modern-style homes and you don’t have to worry that it will look out of place in the overall design of your home.

Customised glass balustrade solutions

We at Quantum Frameless Glass are the expert frameless glass balustrade manufacturers that provide you the best services and products at the most competitive pricing.

For more information about our products, please call us at this number – 1300 282 248 and speak with our experts about your requirement. They will provide you customized options and quotes for your project. You can also contact us using this online form and we will respond shortly.

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outdoor glass balustrade applications

How Glass Lends Itself Beautifully to Outdoor Balustrade Applications

Glass is a material that’s extensively used by the construction industry. There is something very appealing about the material – it allows for a clean and clear look in spaces it has been installed in and complements the look of all types of settings including ones designed on casual or formal themes.

While glass is used in home and commercial building design in the indoor spaces, people are increasingly veering towards the use of glass outdoor applications as well. In this respect, framed and frameless balustrades are the latest design trend.

These features are being used for indoor staircases and balconies and is used in many outdoor settings too. The material seems fragile, but the fact is that toughened glass, like the one that’s used in glass balustrades is extremely sturdy and will not shatter easily. Take a look at how it lends itself beautifully to outdoor balustrade applications:

Outdoor Glass Balustrade Applications

For balconies

Australian building standards require that all balconies have barriers and handrails; this is particularly true in the case of ones that are more than 1.2 meters above the ground. Glass balustrades are the ideal option for these applications. It looks stunning; and Grade A, toughened glass is used in these balustrades. This combination provides safety without hindering the view of the outdoor spaces in any way.

Around pool areas

Many people wonder whether this is a good option around pools. However glass balustrades provide the same advantages that standard fencing does. In fact, it’s far safer to have glass balustrades in pool areas. Since these have a smooth surface, small children aren’t really able to clamber onto and over them. Glass fencing also lends openness to the place that regular fencing doesn’t. It helps create a seamless look between the pool space and other areas in your yard.

Outdoor staircases

This is one more application that glass balustrades are used in. So, whether it’s a staircase leading up to a high deck, or one that leads up to the upper storey of your house or even one that’s connected to a room above the garage, glass railings are an excellent choice. They provide the necessary support and protection without marring the appearance of the architectural elements of your home.

In other outdoor areas

You can use glass balustrades to separate your deck/patio from the rest of your landscaping. This is the perfect way to demarcate these spaces, without actually building walls, installing wooden railings or putting up any other opaque screens.

The openness and airiness it lends to the outdoor spaces of your home is truly amazing. In fact, many people also prefer to use glass and steel railings for their outdoor kitchens. You can get as creative as you want with these installations and many people also use them to outline the garden spaces in their backyard, or to border their walkways

Glass – a Sturdy and Low-Maintenance Installation

When you use glass in any space, indoor or outdoor, it adds to the spaciousness of the area. So, if you have a more compact yard and want to make it look bigger, replacing standard railing with glass balustrades is the way to do it. Maintenance is easy and the installation is very sturdy and long-lasting.

It also helps you easily keep an eye on your children and pets when they are playing in the yard. No matter which way you look at it, glass balustrades are an excellent option for outdoor applications in your home.

For more information about balustrade installation procedures and our products, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form.

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