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The Nitty-Grittys of a Structural Glass Balustrade

If you are considering getting glass fencing installed on your property, and have conducted some online research, you will find the term “structural glass” mentioned a lot. Many people wonder what this means and whether these systems are any different from the standard glass installations that are seen on residential and commercial properties. Here we […]

The Different Components of a Frameless Glass Balustrade

When you are getting glass balustrades installed, you want to be sure that the best components are used in the work, as that ensures the strength and durability of the installation. A balustrade essentially acts like a horizontal support structure or a handrail. Frameless glass was designed typically for pool fencing. However, frameless fencing has […]

7 Reasons to Install Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades and Fencing

When you are considering getting any balustrading or fencing installed, you may want to take a look at semi-frameless glass installations. Today, property owners focus on getting features that are low-maintenance, look aesthetically appealing and ones that provide value for money. With this in view, glass balustrades are increasingly being used in residential and commercial […]