aspects to consider when buying glass pool fencing

Aspects to Consider When Buying Glass Fencing for your Poolscape

Pool fencing is increasingly becoming a feature that many homeowners now opt for. When you are looking for fencing for your pool you want it provide safety, functionality and be aesthetically appealing too. In addition you want the feature to complement the theme and design concept of the outdoor spaces of your home, as well as the indoor ones.

Outdoor living is trend that is here to stay and it’s not surprising that homeowners across the country are now focusing on designing outdoor spaces that are unique in every way. With this in view, many people are now opting for glass pool fencing.

Some pointers

So what are the aspects you should be taking into consideration when you are getting this feature installed? Well take a look:

  • The type of pool fence you buy will be dependent on the position of the pool as well as the area you live in. It’s important to consider whether the pool is sheltered from the wind and whether you live along the coast or in a hilly area.
  • Glass pool gates tend to catch the wind and you will have to ensure that the position of your pool gate is such that it’s sheltered from the wind, to a certain degree.
  • The size of the actual pool space as well as the size of the pool matter as well. If you have a modestly-sized pool area, glazed pool fencing can make it look more spacious, as it provides an unobstructed view from the other areas of your property.
  • You will have to check whether the look and styling of the glass pool fencing will complement the look of all the other outdoor spaces of your property. Fortunately, glass is a very versatile material and it looks stunning in any setting. While it has a distinctive character of its own, it also has the quality of blending in well with the features in the surroundings.
  • If you have kids, safety is another factor you would definitely have to take into consideration. The design of the fencing should be such that the children shouldn’t be able to scramble over it.

Different types of glass pool fencing

Just like all other installations, when it comes to glass fencing, the feature has to be built in line with Australian Standards. This is why it’s important to hire the services of an expert company for the job. They would ensure that the feature is built in adherence with all the required rules and regulations. It’s important that you conduct a certain amount of research before you hire a company for this job. When our glass pool fencing professionals come over to your property, they will survey the space and provide you various options such as:

  • Aluminium Baluster Systems
  • Fully-framed glass
  • Frameless Glass with stainless steel fixtures (spigots/planar)
  • Semi-frameless Glass (this has glass panels between the posts)
  • Structural Frameless Glass – this will be fixed into the concrete/concrete channel
  • A mix of framed glass & aluminium

Why opt for glass pool fencing?

Today, glass fencing has become a very popular feature and there are a number of reasons for this, such as:

  • It has a very contemporary look and feel and looks good in any type of setting
  • Provides an unhindered view of the surrounding spaces and adds spaciousness to the area
  • It is an ideal wind barrier and perfect for coastal/hilly areas
  • Since the glass surfaces are very smooth and there are no horizontal bars, children aren’t able to clamber over it, which makes it a very safe option for people that have kids

For any more information about glass pool fencing and our products, call Quantum Frameless Glass at this number – 1300 282 248. You can also contact us using this online form and we will call you back shortly.

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